Hi, I'm Evgeny Ivanov, an applied scientist. Currently, I'm a Principal Data Scientist at Profi, a marketplace of services where customers can find professionals, and professionals can find customers. At Profi, I've:

  • Developed models, solved optimization problems, and led projects that improved key metrics of the two-sided matching platform.
  • Created a Data Science team to enhance the core algorithms of the marketplace. Hired machine learning engineers, analysts, and a product manager.
  • Designed and analyzed advanced experiments when classic user-based A/B tests were not possible. Developed an internal library for analyzing experiments.

Prior to this role, I developed and implemented a demand forecasting and inventory optimization system in a fashion retail chain.

Also, I developed rico, a Python package for creating HTML documents from rich content: dataframes, plots, images, markdown etc.

I'm interested in:

  • Solving optimization problems using machine learning and maths.
  • Two-sided matching platforms, marketplaces, and economics.
  • Statistics and causal inference.
  • Python and software engineering.

This blog serves as a platform for me to share my insights and thoughts on these subjects. Follow me on X (Twitter), Telegram, or subscribe to the Atom feed to stay updated on my latest posts.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, reach out on Telegram, or contact me via email.